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Some businesses may require more than just Bookkeeping, we have introduced the Finance Manager aspect, to ensure we cater for all types of businesses.

Usually, a larger business would employ a Finance Manager full time. However, small businesses tend to just require Bookkeeping support. As a business grows, they may start to require more help, although not necessarily need a full-time permanent member of staff to complete this work. That is where we fit in.

We can become your Finance Manager, enabling you to know your finances are in hand without you having to worry. We will complete several tasks for you to ensure your finances are consistently in order.

Firstly, we will manage and run the day-to-day financial operations in your business, these mainly consist of the usual Bookkeeping tasks, however we take this a step further by also preparing full financial reports. These reports include monthly, quarterly, annual P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow reports.

Every month we complete your month end accounts, this enables us to also manage your cash flow and forecast your future cash flow too. We will communicate with your team and any external contacts to understand requirements, changes in practice and future plans.

Your financial performance will be closely monitored to ensure improvements can be made month on month. We’ll also complete payroll whilst ensuring any suppliers and contractors payments are also made. Advice and recommendations will be provided on large spending initiatives and whether the cashflow is suitable to withstand these payments.

Finally, we’ll continue to ensure your business introduces best practice processes for the financial aspects. This includes documenting these processes required for continuous improvement.




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    I changed my book keeper the end of last year to Claudia and found her extremely professional. She worked her hardest to ensure I had claimed all I should have claim and saved me thousands on my tax bill. This is the first book keeping in many many years that I have felt confident with and enjoyed working with. She was extremely helpful and a very realist fee for the time she took. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
    Jan Jones Kudos Ventures
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    CPL Accounts are very professional and helpful, very friendly service, they have helped my business immensely so, I could move forward rather than struggle on my own, excellent!
    Jayne Besbeech Paws on Planes Pet Travel Services
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    Claudia is reliable, efficient and allows me peace of mind to get on with running the business
    Caroline Bennett Sole of Discretion
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    I have been self-employed for the past 4.5 years and since the beginning I had always completed my finances myself. It was starting to get on top of me and something I really disliked doing, It got to the point where I hadn’t reconciled anything for over a year, the only thing I had done was ensure I knew where I was with my finances and pay and send invoices.
    I thought it was about time I contacted a Bookkeeper to help me to keep on top of my finances and have more of an understanding of what I could do. I chose to speak to Claudia as I had known her for some time and she seemed an extremely organised and approachable person. Claudia was brilliant, it didn’t matter to her that I had so many questions, she explained everything in simple terms for me and allowed me to feel extremely confident that she was the right person to handle my finances. She wasn’t phased that I hadn’t even looked at my finances for over a year, she took it all on board and got me up to date in a matter of days. Claudia clearly explained her cost per hour and advised how many hours she thought it would take to complete, this was great as it enabled me to ensure I could budget for employing her.
    I’d recommend anyone who runs a business and attempts to do everything themselves to contact Claudia and just see what she can take from you. Amazing service! Thank you
    Sarah Wylie It's Pzazz Social Media Marketing Specialist

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